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Watch Party Ideas

The important thing to remember is that we still want you to be thinking of this in terms of your ‘table guests’ and the individuals you would like to have join you and/or those that you believe would be interested in learning more about Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington. For example, you might have one guest list of people that you want to invite to an in-person watch party, but then you may have other friends or family who can’t attend your Watch Party but would enjoy participating on their own.

Option 1: Hosting Watch Parties In-Person at Church or School

Table Captains are first encouraged to coordinate Watch Parties at their church or school. Similar to the Gala, we know that our Partners are dealing with the pandemic in different ways with regard to use of space, providing food and beverages, etc. so each Table Captain will need to work with their individual Parish Administrators and Clergy to solidify the details for their respective watch parties.


These are ideal if your church or school…

· Is open for in-person worship and larger gatherings (with appropriate COVID guidelines in place)

· Has a laptop projector and screen so that a large group can watch the livestream broadcast

· Allows food and beverages to be served or consumed

When hosting a Watch Party at the church or school is not an option – for whatever reason – we would encourage Table Captains to coordinate a Watch Party at someone’s home. While this may not allow for as many people to attend, it does help provide the energy that goes with an in-person event.

If you have a subscription Zoom account (meaning that meetings do not automatically end after 40 minutes) there is an easy way to host your own virtual Watch Party.


1. Create a meeting/event in Zoom using your account for 3/19/22 at 9:30am and invite all of your Table guests to attend.


2. On the day of the event, you, as the Table Captain and Zoom host, will open the NSB Livestream by going to our website (


3. Once the livestream begins, you can use the “Share Screen” function on Zoom to share the livestream on your screen with your Zoom/Table guests.


When you do this, everyone will be able to watch the same livestream in real time from the comfort of their own homes, but it will still allow for the intimacy and familiarity of talking with your table guests and sharing the experience.

At the end of the day, one of the benefits of the virtual program is that you can invite people to participate even if they don’t live in the area or can’t attend a Watch Party. At last year’s NSB, one of Michele Lewis-Muzzatti’s friends from HS watched from her home in Pennsylvania – she has since become a virtual volunteer, so don’t be afraid to ‘think outside the box’ on this one!

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