Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Crisis, STRIVE classes are now being held online.

Are you ready to: 

  • Make yourself stand out from other candidates in an interview? 
  • Learn key skills that will help you get and keep a living wage job?  
  • Challenge yourself in new ways, and gain renewed confidence in your future? 

If you are, STRIVE job readiness training may be for you! STRIVE is a component of Samaritan Ministry’s  Next Step  program that’s especially tailored to meet the needs of those with multiple barriers to employment.  

Whether you have experienced long term unemployment, incarceration, addiction, or disconnection from family or employment, STRIVE can provide a gateway to the future. If you’re receiving public assistance recipients, are a veteran, homeless or working on the edge of poverty, STRIVE can help you. 

When you’re ready to make a life change, we are here to walk with you on that journey. 

STRIVE offers a distinct combination of attitudinal and job readiness training, along with case work and targeted support services that can prepare you for competitive employment opportunities in some of today’s highest growth industries.  

STRIVE’s approach is transformational, not transactional: It takes a comprehensive, holistic, personalized commitment to help each student succeed. When the student is transformed and excelling at work, their families and communities thrive as a result. 

STRIVE could be your ticket to a better future. Check it out today! 

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You can also call Deirdre Duffy at 202-793-2153 for more information or to register for training.