STRIVE class details

SMGW’s STRIVE class is 4 weeks long. Participants have the option to select either the morning (9:00-1:00), or the afternoon (2:00-6:00) class. You will need to be fully present during each class with your camera on and minimal background noise. There is homework every day, and casework follow up, so you should be able to set aside a solid 6 hours each day for 3 of the 4 weeks to dedicate to the course.

During your time as a STRIVE participant, you will master interview skills, create a resume, learn Microsoft TEAMS, and devise your very own “Dummy Company.” You’ll also gain access to STRIVE International and be able to get support from any STRIVE affiliate site throughout the country. Once you graduate, you’ll also receive a cash award, and when you start work, you’ll receive another one! We will also help you with work attire and a loaner laptop should you need one. Each one of STRIVE’s sites uses the five pillar model described below.

1. Attitudinal and Job Readiness Training – This is a three-week workshop that aims to instill the attitudes and behaviors needed for success in work and life. Those with the right attitude toward authority, culture, and peers are better positioned to succeed in additional educational programs and in the workplace.  

2. Occupational Skills Training – STRIVE graduates have the opportunity to enroll in various employer-driven, sector-based training programs in industries such as healthcare, hospitality/culinary arts, construction and information technology, among others.

3. Case Work and Supportive Services – STRIVE training takes place within the context of the Next Step Program, which offers a host of supportive services including case work assistance to address barriers – such as lack of housing, need for additional education, and access to health care – that can prevent participants from gaining economic self-sufficiency.  

4. Job Placement– The STRIVE team develops and maintains relationships with employers who are a source of placements for graduates. These partners provide vital employment opportunities for our graduates and give real-time feedback on our curriculum to ensure participants are equipped with the most relevant, up-to-date skills. STRIVE’s employer partners include Thompson Hospitality and Byte Back, among others. 

5. Follow-Up and Retention – The STRIVE training process includes two years of follow-up career counseling, support and referral services for graduates. The STRIVE team also encourages participants to pursue opportunities that enhance upward mobility within the workforce. 

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