The Next Step Program

Samaritan Ministry Participant Video

Sometimes we just don't have what we need to solve life's problems on our own. We end up going in circles, getting discouraged, or not knowing what to do next.  That's why Samaritan Ministry offers the Next Step Program, to assist you in setting your own goals and, with our support, taking manageable steps toward your goals. 

Samaritan Ministry works with everyday people who want to make changes in their lives.  There are no religious requirements to participate.  We work with you for as long as you want to participate in the program.  Most importantly, we follow-up and stay with you as you accomplish Next Steps towards your goals. 

Samaritan Ministry is committed to helping you develop your ability to help yourself to a better life by providing encouragement, information, referrals and other resources. 

The Next Step Program can work with you while you:

  • Make lasting changes in your life
  • Learn new skills
  • Set priorities
  • Work towards your goals

Our professional caseworkers and staff can work with you to:

  • Develop a plan to find a place to live
  • Identify and apply to shelters and transitional housing programs
  • Get ready for successful employment through STRIVE
  • Develop a professional resume and prepare for job interviews
  • Learn how to use computers to search for employment and submit online job applications
  • Set-up and use e-mail to apply for jobs
  • Obtain a valid photo ID
  • Select appropriate clothing for a job interview
  • Receive mail and phone messages from potential employers
  • Complete applications for benefits such as Social Security and food stamps
  • Apply for medical benefits and find medical care
  • Enter detox and recovery programs
  • Find legal advice
  • Develop a personal spending plan

Watch the Participant video to see if the Next Step Program is right for you. 

Interested in becoming a participant in our Next Step Program? Visit the office nearest you between 9am - 11am, Monday through Friday to complete the intake with a caseworker.

Samaritan Ministry Participant Video