Pre-GED Class: Getting Prepared

Education can be difficult to access, but through Samaritan Ministry’s Adult Basic Education classes led by Demetria Savoy in our Congress Heights office, participants take a big step in reaching their educational goals.

Our Pre-GED (general educational development) courses started in 2008 and are free to all thanks to support from the Corina Higginson Trust and the generous donors of Samaritan Ministry.  The Pre-GED courses allow participants to continue their education with the goal of receiving a Certificate of High School Equivalency.

Students may start at the Washington Literacy Society, then join Samaritan Ministry’s Pre-GED classes, and finally attend the Academy of Hope, which offers the GED exam itself. There is a place for everyone in these courses, no matter where a person is on their educational journey.

Offered for 6 to 8 weeks each, Pre-GED sessions are composed of English and grammar from 10-11 AM and math from 11 AM-12 PM, with a break in-between. The class size is typically four to eight students. Students must be at or near the 8th grade reading level and know the basics in reading and writing.

The Pre-GED courses have positively affected participants’ lives. “I am learning, that’s for sure!” Wayne Hall, a Pre-GED student, said enthusiastically. “Paul and these guys explain to you what you did wrong,” said Peter Clark, another student. Samaritan Ministry volunteers Paul Brady and Carl Kaisert, respectively, teach English and math skills.

Teachers and students interact in a close-knit setting, laughing and smiling around a table. Before class, there is lively discussion and tasty snacks, such as nuts, cookies, and juice from a communal basket. One can feel the warmth of community in the room as well as instructors’ passion for teaching the pre-GED students.The GED exam itself is offered online. “It’s very frightening if you have never taken the GED test before, especially on the computer,” Annette comments. Fortunately, Samaritan Ministry also offers computer courses in preparation for the GED. Participants can learn how to use computers in order to take their GED tests. They learn how to use technology as a tool for education.

The Pre-GED course’s content is not just review — it is empowerment for Next Step Program participants. Moving forward equipped with the knowledge needed to pass the GED, these participants grow in confidence in themselves and their newfound abilities.