Partner Representatives: Resources and Tools

Samaritan Ministry wants to work with you to empower the outreach mission of your church or school, resourcing your own members in accessing support, and to support Samaritan Ministry itself to serve over 1,600 people each year.

As a Partner Representative you have a vital role that bridges your church's or school’s outreach with Samaritan Ministry’s mission among our neediest neighbors.

On this page you'll find downloadable resources to help you in your work. If there is something you are looking for that is not on this page, please contact our Executive Director, Rev. David B. Wolf (dwolf [at] and share your idea with him or the name of the document you are looking for.

  1. 2019 Partner Training Packet
  2. Parable of the Good Samaritan
  3. Overview of the Covenant Renewal Process
  4. Partner Job Description for churches
  5. Partner Job Description for schools
  6. David Wolf's 2019 Next Step Breakfast Speech
  7. Partner Delegation List (Updated March 2019)

Ways to Engage and Support Your Community

Next Step Breakfast

  1. Flyer
  2. Postcard

ETH Events

  1. 2019 ETH Booklet
  2. 2019 Empower the Homeless Overview
  3. ETH Partner Guide to Event Planning
  4. 2018 ETH Event Brochure


  1. Toiletries Flyer (Open and download recommended.)
  2. Volunteer Needs Flyer
  3. Drives to Thrive Flyer

Other Flyers/Materials

  1. 2018 Program Results Infographics/Volunteer Flyer
  2. Clothing Bin Flyer

Partner News

Any Partner Rep or designated member or staff of a Partner Church or School may use any of the materials on this page, website or our public communications by Samaritan Ministry. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please contact our Development Director at dwarrell (at)

The Partner News page is a static webpage with rotating content. Partners may link to this page and know that there is content present.

There are three sources of materials:

  1. In Step is a regular eletronic publication that is produce in such a way that each article may be linked to individually. Each edition has a website address/url you may send to allow other people to view the newsletter. You may include an article's url in your own digital communication tools as well as copy content for use in hardcopy media. At the end of each article there is a link to read more. You may use the shorter article and photo in In Step or use the link to the fuller text and often more photos.
  2. For events, there are online invitations and registration pages, as well as graphics to encourage people to attend the events.
  3. Special materails are developed in reponse to specific needs or initiatives. These may consist of videos, memes, or other more specific formats.

Currently Available Materials

PDF icon 2019 ETH Booklet FINAL PDF.pdf949.3 KB