Peter's Story

Peter appreciates his freedom. In prison for two years for drug dealing, he had learned his lesson. No more drugs. But before he could really be on his own, Peter was required to live in the halfway house for six months. The strict policies at the house, where residents were not allowed out but a few hours each day, made it hard to get on with life, but Peter was determined. Staying sober, away from drugs of any kind including alcohol, was crucial to his success.

At Samaritan Ministry, Peter found the help he needed. As a Next Step Program participant, Peter set goals for employment, obtaining health insurance, and maintaining sobriety. A caseworker helped him find Web sites to look for employment, and he used the phones and computers to contact his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, who helped him stay sober since getting to meetings was often difficult due to the halfway house regulations.

After coming to Samaritan Ministry at least three times a week for over two months, Peter landed a job. And better yet, the job offered health insurance coverage. Samaritan Ministry provided Metro tokens for Peter’s first week at work until he could receive a paycheck and pay for his own. Peter knows this is his first major step toward a new life. And without the support of Samaritan Ministry, Peter says he may not have had that chance.

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