Patrick's Story

Patrick* was referred to Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (“SMGW”) by a Federal City Recovery counselor in August 2010. Patrick had multiple health problems and was ready to make positive changes in his life.

Patrick has since flourished as a Next Step Program participant. Caseworkers at SMGW’s Southeast Office helped Patrick manage his various physical and mental health appointments. SMGW also worked with Patrick to secure transitional housing, and provided computer mentoring to improve his typing speed. Though SMGW’s programming, Patrick attended financial education sessions hosted by M&T Bank. Patrick also completed classes in deterring domestic violence. 

A SMGW caseworker assisted Patrick in applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”). Patrick began receiving a temporary assistance income, which allowed him to finally obtain permanent housing, after many years of moving from shelter to shelter. SMGW caseworkers describe hearing Patrick praise his new home as, “a joy.” With a steady income and stable housing, Patrick hopes to continue building his savings and work on improving his relationship with his three children.

In an exciting update, Patrick recently informed SMGW that his probation officer will be filing paperwork in the next few months to end Patrick’s probation early. The future is certainly looking bright for Patrick as he continues taking his “next steps”!

*Name has been changed for privacy.