Marissa's Story

Sometimes, it takes years of hard work and persistence to reach a goal. Marissa came to Samaritan Ministry in 2005, unemployed and three months behind on her mortgage. A previous employer owed her back wages, but the hearing before the labor board was not scheduled for three months. Marissa knew she needed to move forward, but felt frustrated by her situation. With encouragement from a caseworker, she began to set goals at Samaritan Ministry. Her first goal was employment, and she landed a part time job with a DC hospital. While working to reach her other goals of full time employment and an LPN degree, Marissa took advantage of services offered at Samaritan Ministry, including learning to use the computer for email and job searches, revising her resume with the help of the resume writer and using the phone and fax to make follow up calls and inquire about other benefits.

Recently, Marissa got a full-time position with an area retirement home making more than $20 an hour plus a benefits package. She has enrolled in a class to work toward her goal of becoming a licensed practical nurse.

Marissa is proud of her accomplishments, and credits Samaritan Ministry for helping her along the way.

“I would not be on the road to achieving my dreams without Samaritan Ministry,” said Marissa. “I am so grateful because you all have really helped me.”

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