Mario's Story

Mario* came to Samaritan Ministry in the summer of 2011 looking for employment support, resources for obtaining legal identification, and a place to receive mail and messages. Mario dedicated himself to the Next Step Program, and found a part-time job at a DC restaurant. A Samaritan Ministry caseworker connected Mario to Whitman Walker Health, a Washington DC community health center specializing in HIV/AIDS care. Through Whitman Walker's services, Mario became current on his medication and health care. 

Mario continued to live at a local DC emergency shelter, while looking for full-time employment. Mario's joyful attitude toward the future, despite setbacks, was inspiring to caseworkers at Samaritan Ministry.

In early March 2012, Mario informed Samaritan Ministry's caseworkers that he had accepted a full-time position as a Medical Assistant in Philadelphia. A Samaritan Ministry caseworker provided Mario with information about homeless shelters in Philadelphia, and contact information for Philadelphia's HIV social services.

Mario was very appreciative of all of the services he received through his work in the Next Step Program. With the encouragement and support of Samaritan Ministry, Mario was able to make significant, positive changes in his life throughout the last year.

Samaritan Ministry wishes continued success to Mario in Philadelphia!

*Name has been changed for privacy.