Jerry's Story

Jerry came to Samaritan Ministry in March of 2010 because he needed help and didn’t know where to find it. Living in a local shelter, Jerry desperately wanted to find employment and get his life back on track. However, he found that finding employment was more difficult than he thought.

One of the biggest obstacles Jerry faced was the fact he did not have a valid ID such as a driver’s license. Jerry’s caseworker at Samaritan Ministry walked him through the process of obtaining a non-driver’s identification card – contacting the department of motor vehicles for a free photo ID.  The DMV provides ID cards to people who do not have them if they are referred by a certified nonprofit.

Jerry’s caseworker also determined he was eligible for benefits. Armed with his brand new ID card, Jerry could apply for food stamps and health care benefits. He was approved for both. With some of his basic needs covered, Jerry was in a much better place to resume his job search. Again, working with his caseworker, Jerry started visiting Samaritan Ministry’s computer room to find jobs and fill out online applications. He also took advantage of our volunteer resume writers. After three months of searching, Jerry found a part-time job at Bank of America! Samaritan Ministry helped Jerry to pay for a two-week Metro flashpass to make his commute easier. He is saving money to secure permanent housing and continues to visit us for support and encouragement with his budgeting and housing goals!

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