Anthony's Story

Anthony was staying at a local DC shelter after being released from prison. He had been incarcerated for dealing drugs and admittedly had been using drugs for many years before his imprisonment. Anthony was determined to get his life back on track, gain employment, and become a productive member of society so he asked the caseworkers in the shelter where to go to get help with his life goals. One of the workers told him about Samaritan Ministry where he came and got connected with many services. When Anthony came to Samaritan Ministry he met with a caseworker who determined that he was eligible for many benefits including food stamps and DC health insurance. With help from the caseworkers and volunteers, Anthony applied and was approved for these benefits. After he completed those goals, he began working on his job search. He knew he wanted to work in construction, but did not have enough experience to obtain a good job. Anthony began coming to SMGW to work on the computers to research construction training programs. Eventually he found an apprenticeship program through Goodwill that looked like a good fit, applied and was accepted! Last week, Anthony came back after being absent for several months to inform his caseworker that he finished the program and is now looking for jobs in his new field of work. He expressed that he was so grateful to SMGW and his caseworker for all of the help that was provided.

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