Susan Weinbeck: Creativity Personified

Since 2006, Susan Weinbeck of Epiphany Church (DC) has given her time, talent and treasure to the Samaritan Ministry family -- as a Board Member, Partner Rep, Program Committee Chair, and Front Office Coordinator for the Northern Virginia office.

According to Susan, "My background and passion is in education & service. Samaritan Ministry is a place where I can really give back and continue to make a difference in people's lives".

"How can I describe Susan?” says Gail Davis, Lead Caseworker at the Northern Virginia Office. “I just love her. She's so creative and personable. Her work ethic is tremendous. Susan makes [Northern Virginia] feel like a home -- she decorates, makes food, she does our garden and brings bouquets of flowers. Every summer she hosts a party for our interns and casework associates... She just loves giving back: she wants to help people. And the participants, they love her because they know she'll do anything she can to help them, from working the computer to helping them read."