Volunteer Spotlight: Ladi Grey-Coker

Ladi Grey-Coker has been a faithful Thursday volunteer at the Silver Spring office for over two years.  A skilled resume writer and a good listener, he is available to particpants for job hunting, computer training and even casework, greeting everyone with a big smile and encouraging words. Newly retired, he says that "Volunteering at Silver Spring gives me the opportunity to continue using the skills I acquired in the workforce."

In addition to serving at the Silver Spring office, Ladi has been a parish partner rep at the Church of the Transfiguration, bringing other parishioners on board to support Samaritan Ministry in various ways. "My motivation to volunteer at the Samaritan Ministry Silver Spring office," he says, "came from being a Partner Representative and realizing the joy I receive by helping people. Volunteering has been an opportunity to try something new in my life after retirement. It helps me improve my community and improve people’s lives and brings fun and hope and joy to me. Being a volunteer at SMGW is unique because we don’t just give participants handouts, we go on a journey with them as long as they are willing to take the ride." 

Lead caseworker Kathy Staudt says "We rely on Ladi for wisdom and honest assessment, and our participants have benefited greatly from his work with them, both from his encouragement and from his willingness to ‘be real’ about what next steps a participant may need to take to really get back on track." Ladi is especially good at looking at a resume and finding the item that is the participant’s greatest asset, and that affirmation can be life-changing for people. He is also unafraid to spot excuses and hold people accountable. Our participants have benefited greatly from his work with them and especially from his genuine appreciation and support of everyone who comes through our doors. 


        Ladi at the 2018 community walk in Silver Spring, standing with former county council member George Leventhal.