Pursuing Hope, and a New Job: Robert Gaskins

With hopes of gaining skills that would lead to full-time employment, Mr. Robert Gaskins accepted Samaritan Ministry's invitation to join the March 2017 STRIVE job readiness training. However, his hopes ended on the first day. 

Lack of funds was causing Mr. Gaskins issues at home, in his relationships, and with being able to attend the training itself. Mr. Gaskins was so desperate that he had thoughts of committing illegal activities for money. 

Mr. Gaskins knew he wanted more out of life, and that committing a crime would not help with his living or employment situation. After talking with several of the STRIVE staff, he agreed to attend the next STRIVE job readiness training in April, and this time to stick with his hopes and plan to finish it. He did just that!

A receptive participant, Mr. Gaskins performed extremely well in the mock interviews with representatives from First Transit, Pine Point, and Canada Dry. In fact, Mr. Gaskins performed so well that he was invited for a second interview with Canada Dry in early May.

While we don't yet know the outcome of his interview, this opportunity and his willingness to stay on the road to meaningful employment, is a step in the right direction for Mr. Gaskins. He is now hopeful that the better life and career he wants is closer than he thought!