Lewis Turner: Returning to the Sky

In late 2016, Lewis Turner was down on his luck: A recently returned citizen, he was eager to return to his previous career as a flight engineer, where he had excelled for more than fifteen years. Due to his age and incarceration, he was fearful that he would never be employed by an airline again.

Through a friend, Mr. Turner learned about the STRIVE component of the Next Step program, and decided to enroll in courses at the Perry School in NE Washington. After several weeks of intensive training to develop his skills, Mr. Turner began to learn of the many employment opportunities that STRIVE graduates may qualify for. One opportunity in particular stood out to him: an Airline Food and Equipment Checker at LSG Sky Chefs, located at Reagan National.

After his employment training was complete, our employment specialist Chanel Payne arranged for Lewis to interview with the HR Manager at LSG Sky Chefs. Despite the odds and potential difficulties in making it through the background check process, Mr. Turner was very excited about the opportunity.

A few days after his interview, Lewis returned to the STRIVE office, seeking guidance about his next steps. The passage of several days had made Mr. Turner anxious - but quite literally, as he was expressing his concerns, his phone began to ring. He had a job offer!

He jumped for joy and ran around the office in excitement, sharing his good news with everyone. He is now happily employed with LSG Sky Chefs.