Gloria Ducker: Radiating God’s Love Through Service

Gloria Ducker is a valuable lifelong volunteer. With a background in social work Gloria started volunteering Samaritan Ministry’s more than ten years. She started out volunteering to help prepare food at Samaritan Ministry’s annual Christmas party hosted by St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. This is her church which is one of 60+ SMGW Partners. St. Timothy’s Partner Representatives encouraged Gloria to help out at Samaritan Ministry. Eight years ago, after being asked to serve be a Partner Representative. Gloria served for two years as a rep for St. Timothy’s.

Today, Gloria works as an FOC (Front Office Coordinator) at Samaritan Ministry’s Southeast office. “I decided to volunteer because I like to interact with people,” Gloria says. “I have a passion for relationships and working with people.” Gloria continues to help out at the SE Christmas Party, an activity she looks forward to every year.

Her favorite moments at Samaritan Ministry are connecting with participants. ”I love interacting with the participants at Samaritan Ministry,” she says happily. Gloria always brings her best self when she volunteers with participants. She acknowledges how hard it can be to take your next steps. “It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, which I am sensitive to,” she says.

Gloria loves to help participants because, “I enjoy giving them hope”. Another aspect of volunteering that she likes is seeing participants interact. “They work with their peers to recommend jobs, give advice, and share their experiences with each other,” Gloria explains.

A member of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington since 1969, Gloria combines her faith in God with her desire to help homeless neighbors. “It takes faith to love and accept people,” she says, “which is a large part of volunteering at Samaritan Ministry”. Gloria radiates God’s love, as well as her natural warmth and driven determination to make a difference in her life and the lives of others. 

Gloria always recommends Samaritan Ministry to her friends. She tells potential volunteers to come serve at Samaritan Ministry. “It is a rewarding and satisfying experience. You receive so much more than you give”, she says enthusiastically.

Gloria is a great example of a generous and dedicated volunteer. She always does her best and shows great enthusiasm for helping others in her community. Gloria, we appreciate all that you do at Samaritan Ministry!