Getting Back on Track: Star Plummer

Losing her job in January 2014, Southeast participant Star Plummer was nervous but optimistic. Nervous about falling behind on bills not being able to care for her son and possibly losing her home if she doesn’t have a steady income. Optimistic, because she had over 20 years of work experience with Amtrak and held a bachelor’s of science in sociology.

As the months went by she wasn’t getting any job offers. Nor was she finding success at job fairs or agencies. Her fears became a reality; she doesn’t have a job to support herself or her son.

One Sunday, after services ended at St. Teresa of Avila Church in Southeast DC, she confided in her priest. As she told her story the priest suggested Plummer visit Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (SMGW).


Totally unfamiliar about SMGW she was open minded to the suggestion and figured she would visit an office that following Monday.


On her first visit to the Southeast office, Plummer was immediately impressed by Adrian Vaughn, lead caseworker. She loved her hospitality and professionalism. Plummer also loved the fact that she is treated as participant rather than a case assigned to a caseworker.


Although Plummer is still currently unemployed she said, “The way Samaritan Ministry has helped is motivation,” Plummer adds, “Adrian, Kyndall and Crystal have beautiful souls and have been encouraging during my hardship.” Plummer also listed various programs Adrian referred her to such as: United Planning Organization (UPO) and Skyland Workforce Center.


A benefit of being a participant of SMGW Plummer says is, “Being able to use the computers and getting assistance when applying for jobs online,” she said, “at my previous job I wasn't required to have basic computer skills.”


You may ask why Ms. Plummer continues to stick with SMGW? Plummer says, “The discipline to focus on my job search.” She mentions not having someone to help you with your Next Steps can be frustrating but at SMGW they help keep her on track. Which is very important, and also staying notified about job fairs in the Metropolitan area.


Another major reason of staying with SMGW Plummer added, “There are no requirements in order to get services.”


Samaritan Ministry’s mission is to promote awareness of community needs, foster partnerships at all levels, break down barriers imposed by poverty, and developing participants’ abilities to help themselves to better lives.


The goal is to end human suffering. Regardless of your background, race or religion, SMGW welcomes all who want help getting to the Next Steps of their lives. 


Unfortunately other agencies have eligibility requirements to acquire their services. Those requirements range from not having a degree, drug or alcohol abuse or having a child 18 years or younger in the home. Since Star doesn’t meet these requirements when visiting other agencies she couldn’t get the help she needed.


Ms. Plummer may be down on her luck right now but she’s not out. She’s keeping her spirits high and staying motivated. If not staying motivated for herself then for her son that’s in college.