Diverse Service with a Cheerful Heart: Meigan Chan

In 1998 Mrs. Meigan Chan began volunteering with Samaritan Ministry and has never stopped! She got involved with us when a friend from St. Timothy's Episcopal Church invited her to a Samaritan Ministry event. After that event she just kept on coming to more Samaritan Ministry events and eventually began volunteering regularly.  

Meigan's first volunteer position was as a Front Office Coordinator (FOC) at Samaritan's SE Office. She also serves as a member of the Partner Council and the Board of Directors. In all of these different roles, Meigan is a steadfast volunteer that can always be counted on for good advice, rolling-up her sleeves and a friendly smile. She is at every big event, whether it's the Annual Gala, the Next StepBreakfast, or a local Empower the Homeless event. 
When asked about her experience over the last 19 years, Meigan said, "I've always enjoyed Samaritan Ministry. I've always enjoyed working with the people." The FOC is often the first person to greet Samaritan's participants when they come in and Meigan always does that cheerfully. She described her job duties as the FOC by saying, "They (SMGW participants) come in and you make them feel welcome." There is no doubt that Meigan is part of shaping and creating the welcoming atmosphere that our participants enjoy.