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Here you can access resources and find out what’s new at Samaritan Ministry, from programs to events and more.

Did you know we also provide…

  • Employment Service
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Financial Support

Looking for a new job or wanting to find a better one? Does your resume need an upgrade? Need help with online applications? Or not quite sure where to start? Our employer specialist will help you! Ask your case worker for more information.

Do you want to take a training that requires you to pass the CASAS test? Or have you dreamed of getting your GED but are nervous about taking that first step? We can help you with all of this! Reach out to your caseworker for more information

If you are an *active participant, you might be eligible for some financial support towards your goals. Examples of this type of support might include: a gift card to purchase gas for a new job until you get your first paycheck; clothing to wear to an interview, or a table to eat breakfast in your new apartment that you’ve finally gotten! All requests for financial support must go through your caseworker, then go to the program director for approval. *An active participant is someone who is taking or has taken next steps to meet goals they are currently working on, and who meets once a month either virtually or in person w their caseworker.

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