Next Step Breakfast 2023

NSB 2022 Recap
Table Captains

The Next Step Breakfast is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Samaritan Ministry’s work here in the greater Washington, DC community. For those already familiar with our work, it is a great chance to hear directly from one of our participants. This year’s FREE event will be held in person and packed with compelling testimony and information on our organization.

Table Captains

Table Captains are individuals, often from our partner churches and schools, who work with each other to invite others to attend the Next Step Breakfast. While all individuals wishing to learn more about our shared ministry in the community are welcome to attend, most of those in attendance will be there as invited guests of one of these outstanding volunteers. We thank them for their dedication to our mission and work.

Nancy Calvert

Rasheen Carbin

Phil Collins

Melanie Cooke

Carol Coonrod

Pam Council

Lisa Curtis

Helen Douglas

Joshua Gerras

Ladi Grey-Coker

Peter Hawley

Jo Hodgin

Linda Hollingsworth

Bob Jannotta

William Lewis

Deborah Marks

Karen Melchar

Jean Millar

Karl Moeller

Mary Neznek

Isaiah Poole

Kristi Potts

Sheila Roberts

Ginger Roll

Paula Singleton

Emily Sollie

Audrey  Thurman

Benny Young


Meet the Speakers: