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The Next Step Breakfast is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Samaritan Ministry’s work here in the greater Washington, DC community. For those already familiar with our work, it is a great chance to hear directly from one of our participants. It’s an hour packed with compelling personal testimony and information on the organization.

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About Samaritan Ministry

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Mission and Values
We are a faith-based community partnership serving the greater Washington, DC area. We are bringing together our neighbors who face poverty, homelessness or other debilitating challenges with partner leaders, donors, volunteers and staff in a shared ministry that improves the lives of all throughout the Washington area, one next step and neighbor at a time…

Our Programs
Our programs help everyday people turn their lives around. With the help of Samaritan Ministry’s professional caseworkers, participants will receive services unique to their needs…

Our Results
At Samaritan Ministry we define success one next step at a time. Each participant sets their own goals, to overcome their unique obstacles. Some achieve success in the more traditional sense, moving on to self-sustaining lives. Others require additional support and may return to us to take additional next steps. All participants are determined to make their lives better. In the end, the successes are theirs, not ours. We guide, support, encourage, and coach, but they do the heavy lifting. All successes, both large and small, are celebrated…

Our Team
Meet our Staff!

The Partnership
Our partners are a vital part of our misssion…

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Charles’s Story
Charles Hopkins, a 2020 STRIVE graduate, will tell his story at this year’s Next Step Breakfast. You won’t want to miss out on hearing about his amazing progress! Read More

Meet our Emcee!
We are proud to announce that Geoff Bennett, Chief Washington Correspondent for PBS NewsHour, will be this year’s Next Step Breakfast Emcee! Bennett joined NewsHour from NBC News, where he was a White House correspondent… Read More

Volunteer Speaker: Karen Neal
Ms. Karen Neal, this year’s NSB 2022 volunteer witness, served for 34 years as an educator in southern Maryland, wearing many different hats… Read More

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