Southeast for Southeast Volunteer Initiative

Every month across our five locations Samaritan Ministry hosts about 50 regular program volunteers as Front Office Coordinators (FOC), Computer Mentors and Resume Writers. We are fortunate to have three "on call" substitute volunteers for emergencies in our Northern Virginia and Northwest DC.

Unfortunately, we have no regular substitutes for our Anacostia/SE DC office. Gloria Ducker (FOC), Naima Harrison (Lead Caseworker), Sy Jones (Volunteer Manager), and others have been working together since March to launch a new initiative to strengthen the Anacostia/SE DC office.

Gloria introduced the "Southeast for Southeast" initiative at this month's Partner Council meeting. Through a combination of increased outreach to area churches, and building partnerships with local community organizations, Samaritan Ministry hopes to increase the number of substitute and regular volunteers who are available to help support our Next Step Program participants in the Anacostia/SE Office.

As Gloria puts it: "The [Volunteer Committee] really want to invite others to participate in the transformation of Southeast for Southeast. The ultimate goal is to have a surplus -- right now there are no backups, no substitutes, nobody's on call for the Anacostia/SE DC office. So, for instance if an FOC calls in sick then we have no-one to call, nobody to turn to. As a result, the office is forced to close that day because our caseworker can't run or be in the the office by herself. As a consequence, participants lose the chance to continue taking their next steps."

Meanwhile, Sy Jones is looking to the future as we take our own next steps. Samaritan Ministry plans to host an Open House at the Anacostia/SE DC office in early September. "We really want to invite people who are interested," say Sy, "and people who are potential volunteers, to see the office for themselves, meet our current volunteers, staff and participants."

If you want to be a part of this initiative, either as a volunteer or by conducting outreach, please check out our current volunteer needs or get in touch with Sy Jones by emailing sjones [at], or calling her at (202) 722-2280 x314.