SMGW + STRIVE = A Match Made in Heaven

SMGW Executive Director Rev. David B. Wolf (left) and Leon A. Samuels Jr., Deputy Director for Program (right)

Great news! In August STRIVE became a component part of the Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington’s innovative Next Step approach to positive life-change. Together we share in enabling participants, women and men from across the metropolitan area, opportunities to be part of an effective and proven workforce development program as well as the Next Step Program's process of setting and reaching life-changing

goals for making positive changes in their own lives.  

"The integration of the STRIVE's workforce development program into Samaritan Ministry's innovative Next Step approach to life-change is the tide that rises all boats," said SMGW Executive Director David Wolf. "This is a marriage of two missions that share a steadfast commitment to core values of transformation, community, rigorous compassion and dignity."   

STRIVE’s rigorous job readiness training and placement program expands and strengthens Samaritan’s Next Step Program. Now participants have direct and seamless access to an effective training to achieve their employment goals. 75% of Next Step participants' goals are about gaining or improving their employment.

The Next Step Program's holistic casework support and encouragement enables STRIVE participants to address the challenges and needs in housing, education and other areas that are barriers to getting and staying employed.

The integration of STRIVE DC brings with it four great new Samaritan Ministry staff members including a Job Developer, Trainer, Case Manager, and a new Program Director for SMGW - now Deputy Director for Program - Leon A. Samuels, Jr., STRIVE DC's former Executive Director. The former STRIVE DC office near Union Station in DC is now the 7th satellite site for Samaritan Ministry, and this another step toward our strategic goal of increasing participant’s access to our program and services. STRIVE also brings with it affiliation with a national workforce development network that will nurture our efforts to support participants in finding living wage work and meaningful employment.  

That is a match made in heaven!


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