SMGW Receives 2018 Diana Davis Spencer Fellowship!

We are excited to share that Samaritan Ministry and our Executive Director, Rev. David B. Wolf, are recipients of a Diana Davis Spencer Fellowship for 2018. The Fellowship is a part of the Global Good Fund, an organization committed to investing in the leadership potential of social entrepreneurs in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors. The Fund supports such leaders over a 15-month period through assessment, coaching, and the crafting of a personal leadership development plan that includes addressing a significant entrepreneurial challenge. 

The Diana Davis Spencer Fellowship is particularly focused on creating employment opportunities of all kinds for Americans age 50 and over through a series of creative social strategies. The fellowship includes a $20,000 grant to support both the leader development, in this case David – and the strategic objective the leader has identified. 

David has identified the challenge of reaching residents over age 50 in the metro area who could benefit from our job readiness preparation and training (through its caseworkers as well as the STRIVE job readiness training course) but for our barriers in reaching them and their barriers, namely their hesitancy to accept our coaching and try something new. SMGW is especially equipped and adept at serving participants who have been out of the job market for a while and/or are returning citizens. We believe and hope the fellowship and grant will serve as a catalyst for our strategic goal of seeking new and innovative “points of entry” for the unemployed and underemployed residents in the metro area, following our strategic plan. 

There are 16 Diana Davis Spencer Fellows for 2018, including David, chosen through a rigorous 3-round selection process. Almost 2/3 of the fellows run non-profits, the other third run for-profits. 75% of the fellows are women, 25% are men. Almost 2/3 of the fellows are themselves 50 or older. For more information visit the Global Good Fund and look for Diana Davis Spencer fellows.