SMGW Joins in Responding to Hate with Love

As many of you already know from news accounts, on Saturday night one of SMGW’s partner parishes and satellite sites – Church of Our Saviour, Silver Spring – was desecrated by an act of hate. Scrawled on a sign for the church’s Sunday service in Spanish and on a wall of the church’s memorial garden were the words: “Trump Nation. Whites Only.” As a result, our faith community, led by our Bishop Marianne Edgar Budde, and several other clergy leaders including the Rev. David B. Wolf, our Samaritan Ministry's executeive director – stood in solidarity with our Latino brothers and sisters at Our Saviour at their Sunday afternoon mass. Inspired by words from Fr. Francesco Valle and Bishop Marianne Budde that, as Christians, our response to hate is love – we g

raphically  conveyed our response in chalk on sidewalks and signs outside the church: “We love you! Love wins!” Another message was also conveyed to President-elect Trump to make clear that he distances himself from those who are committing such acts of hate in his name. See and read more from EDOW here.

Hate Speech at ECOS“We at Samaritan Ministry – a community of communities representing almost 60 congregations and schools – serve as a beacon for ALL our vulnerable neighbors in the greater Washington area are who are in need of a hand up, regardless of ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation," says the Rev. David B. Wolf. "We stand together with Bishop Budde and the leaders of Our Saviour in calling upon the President-elect Trump to clearly distance himself from those who have committed acts of hate in his name, and to continue calling for an end to such acts. These are hate crimes which have no place in true communities of love, compassion and justice, and are certainly are at odds with our mission to empower all who are vulnerable and in need of a hand up.  What’s more, such acts do not reflect the values of our partner providers throughout the region and the values we hold dear as Americans. We will continue to stand for – and be empowerment for our vulnerable brothers and sisters who find the mselves in the ditches of life – where we as Good Samaritans meet them.”