Reaching Our Goals...Together

So far this year, Samaritan Ministry has served 1,252 individuals, including 830 Next Step Program participants across our five locations. More than 350 of our participants are new this year. Participants have achieved over 200 employment-related goals, including 42 participants who completed STRIVE job-readiness training. Our congratulations to each person who has persevered in working toward their goal!STRIVE logo

Martha, Dewayne, Yolanda, James, Kenneth…these are just a few of our Next Step Participants who are working on their goals to have better housing, better employment, or another component of a good life for themselves. SMGW works with participants, not clients, as each person is actively engaged in setting their own goals and taking their own next steps. While each participant has their own story, Samaritan Ministry is a part of every person story of addressing challenges and overcoming barriers.

We’ve also served 422 persons through activities like providing one-time food assistance, referrals, support for living with HIV, or assisting them when burying a loved one who was HIV+.

And, we’re not done yet! Before the end of the year we’ll: have our annual retreat for 40 persons living with HIV/AIDs; recruit, train, graduate and see employed another STRIVE class; provide Thanksgiving baskets to 200 families; hold training for more than 50 of our staff members (paid and volunteer) to improve their ability to serve every participant; have Christmas gatherings in Southeast DC, Northwest DC, and Northern Virginia for more than 300 people, and; of course, continue working with each participant as they get closer to achieving their own goals!

Samaritan Ministry’s 2018 goal is to serve 2,000 neighbors! Just like our Next Step Participants, we are determined to reach our own goal! Together we are making our community better…one neighbor at time, by neighbors supporting neighbors.