NW Office Pilots "Post Secret" Project

Since October 18th, there's been a conspicuous new addition to the lobby in the Northwest Office of Samaritan Ministry. Piled high with markers, stickers, construction paper, crayons, magazines and other art supplies sits a table where participants can spend a few minutes while they wait to meet with a caseworker. To do what, exactly?

To share their secrets or express their frustrations through art. Similar to - and inspired by - the Post Secret phenomenon, this project aims to provide a creative outlet for participants to express themselves in a therapeutic manner. Kelly Lence, intern caseworker at the Northwest office, spearheaded this project and collected donations of art supplies to make it happen. "I thought this would be a great way for our participants to connect to each other anonymously, and promote the idea that they're part of a community in DC with others who may have similar feelings or be going through similar things," explains Kelly. 

A book of Post Secret compilations is available to help prompt ideas and each creation is displayed anonymously on an adjacent bulletin board. The project is scheduled to wrap up in the first two weeks of November, at which point the caseworkers will create a final display to be featured in the lobby. In this way, participants are also able to contribute to the decoration of this space in which they spend much of their time.