Empower the Homeless 2015: Community Walk on May 30th

Samaritan Ministry 2015 Arlington, Va Community Walk

      Saturday, May 30th brought together a group of individuals fiercely devoted to change. Some with signs in hand and all with dedication in their hearts, approximately forty people, eight partner parishes, and even four loyal dogs came together for the Empower the Homeless Community Walk.

Their walk began at 9:15am, starting at St. George's Episcopal Church in Arlington. However, the walk could not properly begin before Rev. Shearon Sykes Williams, Rector of the parish, greeted everyone and led the group in prayer. Rev. David Wolf, Executive Director, also took a moment to thank the participants. He inspired the participants, reminding each individual that they had come together to stand up for their homeless neighbors.  

    Their journey was approximately 2.2 miles, spanning from St. George's to St. Mary's Episcopal Church, also in Arlington. Along the way, many held signs that declared the walk's purpose and caught the eyes of curious community members. Taking their final steps of the walk toward St. Mary's, Rev. Andrew Merrow, Rector of St. Mary's, addressed the group. He affirmed them, saying, "We have lifted our heads up to notice our neighbors". The blend of importance and urgency in his words rang through the air. Together, the community had walked to acknowledge one another and the unknown and unseen neighbor, something that can and should be done on a daily basis.

    All who participated put one foot in front of the other, binding together as a community to show exceptional unity and support. Thank you to our walkers, partners, sponsors, and participants that walked with us. You made the Community Walk a success by standing up for our neighbors.  

     There are many more opportunities to participate in the Empower the Homeless campaign. This bold campaign continues to September 30th. Click HERE to see the calendar of events. Samaritan Ministry also encourages your creativity and initiative. Want to offer your own event to support the homeless? Contact us - dwolf@samaritanministry.org

            To relive the day or see what you missed, watch Ken Harris’ video below.



Samaritan Ministry 2015 Arlington, Va Community Walk