Emergency Action to House DC's Vunerable

  • Emergency meeting at the 2014 EDOW Convention

At the 2014 Episcopal Diocese of Washington Convention an informal emergency meeting was held focusing on the District's critical shortage of emergency shelter for the homeless.

As a result of the unrelenting near-constant polar vortex filled winter, the D.C. shelters are struggling to keep up with the demand, with is compounded by the insufficient supply of affordable housing within the District. In an unprecedented move, the local government is placing families in hotels in MD and on the floors of recreational facilities. (link to story)

Linda Kauffman, National Field Organizer for Community Solutions’ 100,000 Homes, and Polly Donaldson of Transitional Housing Corporation, lead the informal coalition in efforts to brainstorm strategies that would aid the District in housing the vulnerable.

One of the main strategies moving forward is asking Parishes to consider housing a family in a stop gap effort to relieve some of the pressure on the Districts already burdened funds.

If you would like to get involved, or like more information, please email Louise Cobbett lcobbett@samaritanministry.org or call 202-722-2280 x304

Talks with District officials are set to start on Monday, February 03, 2014