Thank you donors!

The Next Step Giving Society includes committed individuals who made gifts of $1,000 or more in 2021. We deeply appreciate their generous commitments, which empower us to do together what none of us can do alone.

Director’s Circle ($20,000+)

Samaritan Saints ($10,000 – $19,999)​

Samaritan Leaders ($5,000 – $9,999)

Samaritan Patrons ($2,000 – $4,999)

Samaritan Stars ($1,000 – $1,999)

Director’s Circle ($20,000+)

Anonymous (2)
Joe and Kathy Sullivan Kolar
Gina Mitchell
Joseph and Molly Reynolds
Kenneth and Dorothy Woodcock

Samaritan Saints ($10,000 - $19,999)

Anonymous (2)
Helen Darling and Bradford Gray
Linda Lear and John Nickum
Eric and Pamela Melby

Samaritan Leaders ($5,000 - $9,999)

Anonymous (1)
Tom and Gladys Bauder
Paul Bennett and Carol Herndon
Matthew Bode and Laurie Adams
John and Carol Coonrod
Charles and Rochelle Curtis
R. Carter Echols and Bill Johnson
Gardell Gefke and Elizabeth Pyke
Carol Jobusch
Doris Lewis
Sandra Loftin
Mark and Gail Lynch
Margaret McNaughton
John Mertens 
Jack and Margaret Orrick 
Eric Schweikert and Lynne O’Connor
Karen  Wiedemann
Jeff Wyand and Roxy Wolfe

Samaritan Patrons ($2,000 - $4,999)

Cynthia Baskin
Robin Blackwood and William Woodward
Forrest and Gail Browne
Charles and Allison Blanchard
Jeremiah and Deborah Buckley
Linda and Casey Cummings
David and Stephanie Deutsch
Michael and Carla Durney
John and Anne Elsbree
Mary Candace Fowler
Martha Joyce Graf
Jeremy Haas
Ruth Hamstra
Tom and Susan Hebert
Margaret  Henderson and Paul Van Hook
Kent and Travis Holland
Suzanne Lawrence
Michele Lewis-Muzzatti
Hollis S. and Caroline McLoughlin
Karen Melchar
Linda Mellgren
Charles G. Myers
Christopher E. Norman
Scott Perkins and Donna Bobbish
Loyd Rhiddlehoover
Richard Robinson
Virginia Roll
John Smith
Louis and Kathy Staudt
Toby Stock
Emil and Judith Sunley
Elizabeth Taylor
Bill and Madeleine Thompson
Audrey Thurman
Jeff and Stephanie Traynor
Robert Vaughn
John Watson 
David and Martha Wolf
Lynn Young Jr.

Samaritan Stars ($1,000 - $1,999)

Donor Name – $1,000 – $1,999
Gary Abrecht
Harold and Lori Amos 
Anonymous (2)
Julia Andrews
Samuel and Deatley Barish
John and Laura Barker
Melissa Barrett
Kendall Bentz
Stephen and Linda Beste
Jane Bishop
Stephen Brushett and Refiloe Bam
Mariann and Paul Budde
Kenton Campbell
Rasheen Carbin
Knight Champion
Paul and Linda Cooney
Nancy Cooper
Daniel Costello
Jane Dana
Henry Davis
Reid Detchon
Martin Dickinson
David Dixon
Farleigh Earhart
Gary Franklin
John and Ann Gardner
William Garrahan
Robert Gifford
Bentley and Susan Gregg
Julie Grohovsky
Jacques Hadler
Harry and Kamla Hedges
Martha Jewett
Charles and Martha Johnson
R. Christian Jones
Carl Kaiser
William Kenety
Ellen Kennedy

Jeff Kincheloe
Russell King
Joni Langevoort
Douglas Leavens and Judy David
Richard and Elizabeth Leland
William Lewis
David and Carol MacLean
Brian Maney
Pamela Matthes
Todd and Susan Mayman
Sandy McKenzie
Genevieve McSweeny Ryan
Michael Miller
Andrew and Janice Molchon
William and Catherine Nellist
Marsha Obusek
David Perry
Carolyn Peirce
Anthony and Susan Quainton
Bernard Ramey
William Rawson
Sharon Schroer
Moira Skinner
Paula Singleron
Jay and Kathy Sommerkamp
Marian Tyrance
Francis H. Wade and Carter Lee Kelly
Paula Walker
Edward and Lynn Wilson 
Helen A. Zitomer

At Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, we deeply appreciate our supporters and make every effort to recognize and thank them for their generosity. If you have any questions, please contact Development Director Jeff Hale at