Living with HIV/AIDS

Living with HIV/AIDS does not have to be overwhelming. If you are HIV positive, SMGW would like to offer you the opportunity to attend an all-expenses paid, 3 day, peer-led retreat.

Spiritual Retreats
Samaritan Ministry’s spiritual retreats for people living with HIV/AIDS provide a safe, supportive and healing environment in which participants can share issues of living with AIDS, their relationships with others, with themselves and with their faith. During the retreats, participants explore some of the spiritual and personal issues of living with HIV/AIDS: guilt, addiction, anger, separation from family and loved ones, loss of self-esteem, and death and dying. Participants experience a sense of camaraderie and joy together.

Perhaps you are in various stages of addiction recovery and/or have very limited incomes. No worries! Samaritan Ministry’s retreats welcome all people who are HIV positive as they take next steps in their lives.

Spaces are limited, so apply below if you are interested.

Click here for the application to attend our 2020 retreat.

Support and Burial Assistance

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