SMGW in Colby King Commentary

In May 2013, Pulitzer Prize winner Colbert King of The Washington Post named Samaritan Ministry in his commentary below.

Colbert King: Four D.C. charities — and a miscreant
By Colbert I. King Opinion writer May 31, 2013

Hope and a Home, Sarah’s Circle, Samaritan Ministry, the Lourie Center, Medicaid Millionaire. What do these five things have in common? Each professes to help those in need.

The Next Step Program

Sometimes we just don't have what we need to solve life's problems on our own. We end up going in circles, discouraged, or not knowing what to do next.  That's why Samaritan Ministry offers the Next Step Program, to assist you in setting your own goals and, with our support, taking manageable steps toward your goals.