In-Kind Wish List

Donate now online!

Please note: we accept toiletry products in all sizes, although full size is preferred.

For intake, we use an In-Kind Donation form (which you can download or receive at our offices) – it serves as a tax receipt.


Short-term financial assistance for necessities:

·         $25 gift cards to Safeway, Giant, CVS and Walgreens

·         Laundry detergent

Personal Protective Equipment:

·         Hand sanitizer (travel and small sizes)

·         Disposable face masks

·         Disposable gloves

·         Sanitizing wipes (small/travel size preferred)

·         Facial tissues (small/travel size preferred)


·         High-protein foods (regulars size, for grocery bags): canned tuna or salmon, peanut butter, Vienna sausages, chili, beef stew, beans (dry and canned), other “meals in a can” that contain meat or other high protein ingredients

·         High-carb foods: canned fruit; pasta/noodles and sauces (preferably in plastic jars); lower-sugar cereals; rice (preferably bagged)


·         Toilet Paper (small rolls, individually wrapped)

·         Female Toiletries – sanitary napkins, soap, body wash, deodorant (full size preferred)

·         Male Toiletries: shaving cream, deodorant, soap (full size preferred)

·      Shampoo and conditioner/hair care products for black hair textures (full size preferred) Face cloths and small towels

·         Body lotion – medium and large size bottles

·         Please note we do not need toothbrushes or toothpaste at this time

Other personal accessories:

·         Reading glasses – all powers from +1 to +4, with case

·         Small folding umbrellas

·         Operable used cell phones

·         Computer webcams

·         Computer headphones