In-Kind Wish List

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· Canned Stews  

· Canned Chili  

· Canned Fruits 

· Canned Tuna (or pouches)

· Canned Chicken (or pouches)

· Soups with pull tabs 

· Ramen Noodles  

· Minute Rice

· Bags of Rice (1 lb to 5 lb)

· Corn Muffin Mix

· Mac and Cheese (Kraft adult box)  

· Instant Mashed Potatoes

· Gravy packets   

· Pasta (boxed/bagged)  

· Spaghetti sauce (non-glass jars) 

· Spaghetti Noodles with Meat Sauce  

· Spam  

· Canned Milk (not requiring refrigeration)

· Hot and Cold Cereal such as Oatmeal and Cheerios  

· Food Seasonings: Salt, Pepper, Season Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Season Salt   

· Reusable bags sturdy enough to carry heavy food such as canned goods 

Toiletries: Full sized items only!

· Toothpaste 

· Lotion  

· Deodorant 

· Bars of Soap  

· Body Wash  

· Shaving cream

· Individually packaged toothbrushes 

· Lip balm 

· Tissue packets 

· Big containers of laundry pods 

· Paper towels (individually wrapped rolls)

·  Toilet Paper (individually wrapped rolls)

· Mensural products

· Shampoo and conditioner/hair care products for black hair textures

· Face cloths and small towels

Other personal accessories:

· Reading glasses – all powers from +1 to +4, with case

· Small folding umbrellas

· Operable used cell phones

· Computer webcams

· Computer headphones

Short-term financial assistance for necessities:

· $25 gift cards to Safeway, Giant, CVS and Walgreens