In-Kind Wish List

Contact your preferred location to make a donation 

Currently, we are not accepting inhouse clothing donations at our Northwest Office. However, feel free to use the White Clothing Donation Bin around the side of the house on Colorado Avenue. Samaritan receives a financial percentage of the donated items. For a record of your donation, go to our website and complete the In-Kind Donation form.

Donate now online!

For intake, we use an In-Kind Donation form  – it serves as a tax receipt.



· Canned Stews  

· Canned Chili  

· Canned Fruits 

· Canned Tuna (or pouches)

· Canned Chicken (or pouches)

· Soups with pull tabs 

· Ramen Noodles  

· Minute Rice

· Bags of Rice (1 lb to 5 lb)

· Corn Muffin Mix

· Mac and Cheese (Kraft adult box)  

· Instant Mashed Potatoes

· Gravy packets   

· Pasta (boxed/bagged)  

· Spaghetti sauce (non-glass jars) 

· Spaghetti Noodles with Meat Sauce  

· Spam  

· Canned Milk (not requiring refrigeration)

· Hot and Cold Cereal such as Oatmeal and Cheerios  

· Food Seasonings: Salt, Pepper, Season Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Season Salt   

· Reusable bags sturdy enough to carry heavy food such as canned goods 

Toiletries: Full sized items only!

· Toothpaste 

· Lotion  

· Deodorant 

· Bars of Soap  

· Body Wash  

· Shaving cream

· Individually packaged toothbrushes 

· Lip balm 

· Tissue packets 

· Big containers of laundry pods 

· Paper towels (individually wrapped rolls)

·  Toilet Paper (individually wrapped rolls)

· Mensural products

· Shampoo and conditioner/hair care products for black hair textures

· Face cloths and small towels

Other personal accessories:

· Reading glasses – all powers from +1 to +4, with case

· Small folding umbrellas

· Operable used cell phones

· Computer webcams

· Computer headphones

Short-term financial assistance for necessities:

· $25 gift cards to Safeway, Giant, CVS and Walgreens