ENN 2023 In-Kind Donation Wish List

All items can be dropped off at our Northwest Office

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Food and Transit Cards:

Giant Grocery Gift Cards ($25 denomination)

SmarTrip Cards


Toiletries are essential, but expensive, and they’re not covered by SNAP. So we keep a supply for Samaritan participants in need!

Click here for current list of needed toiletries.

Food and Snacks

PLEASE No Glass Jars or Containers; do purchase items that don’t need refrigeration or preparation

  • Cranberry Juice (10-ounce Bottles)
  • Orange Juice (10-ounce Bottles)
  • Apple Juice (10-ounce Bottles)
  • Fruit Cups in Juice No Added Sugar
  • Cashews (Individually packaged)
  • Almonds (individually packaged)
  • Peanuts (individually packaged)
  • Mixed Nuts (individually packaged)
  • Tuna Salad On The Run with Crackers
  • Chicken Salad On The Run with Crackers
  • Beef Ravioli in Pasta Sauce
    • Microwavable Individual Cups
  • Chewy Granola Bars (Variety)
  • Popcorn Individual Bags
  • Grandmas Soft Baked Cookies (Variety)
  • Bottled of Water


  • Laundry Pods
  • Dish Detergent (Small Bottles)

You can purchase these items on Amazon!

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