Volunteer Staff Spotlight

Volunteering During the Coronavirus Crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis, SMGW offices have had to adapt to continue to serve participants while maintaining physical distance. We have set up abbreviated hours on our porches, where they receive food, toiletries, mail and schedule phone appointments for assistance with services such as filling out job applications, the Census 2020 form, and arranging Burial Assistance. Although the pick-up times are only a two-hour time slot once a week, they require preparation.

Volunteer Spotlight - Margaret Hilton

Margaret Hilton has been a Resume Assistant at Samaritan Ministry's Northwest DC Office since August of 2017. She came to Samaritan after retiring from nineteen years at the National Academy of Sciences, where she was one of the earlier women to lead a team. She is a parishioner at St John's Chevy Chase in Maryland. She heard about SMGW from other parishes that were sending volunteers to the NW Office, and decided to check it out!

Volunteer Spotlight: Ladi Grey-Coker

Ladi Grey-Coker has been a faithful Thursday volunteer at the Silver Spring office for over two years.  A skilled resume writer and a good listener, he is available to particpants for job hunting, computer training and even casework, greeting everyone with a big smile and encouraging words. Newly retired, he says that "Volunteering at Silver Spring gives me the opportunity to continue using the skills I acquired in the workforce."

The Role Model: Rev. Vincent Harris

Reverend Vincent Harris has spent the past four years volunteering as a Front Office Coordinator (FOC) at our Anacostia / SE DC office. After more than twenty years of service, Vince retired from the Rectory of St. George’s Episcopal Church, and began searching for new opportunities. He found them at Samaritan Ministry.

The Problem Solver: Doug Leavens

 Doug Leavens has been a hard-working volunteer with Samaritan Ministry for more than two years as Computer Mentor, Resume Writer, Outreach Assistant, and Partner Representative for Christ Church, Kensington.

Joyful Varieties of Service: Bill Kenety

Mr. Bill Kenety, a parishioner with St. John's Norwood - Chevy Chase, has been volunteering as a Front Office Coordinator at Samaritan Ministry's Northwest office for two years.

Volunteer Profile: Michele Lewis-Muzzati

Michele Lewis-Muzatti has joined Samaritan Ministry as our newest volunteer caseworker! Michele, who worships at St. Stephen & the Incarnation---one of the twelve founding parishes of Samaritan Ministry---has known about Samaritan Ministry since its birth in 1986. 

Linda Cole: Beginning Again

Linda Cole is a former Next Step participant, and continues to represent Samaritan Ministry through our Speaker's Bureau (which is composed of former participants who serve as role models and mentors for current participants struggling with homelessness or poverty).

Susan Weinbeck: Creativity Personified

Since 2006, Susan Weinbeck of Epiphany Church (DC) has given her time, talent and treasure to the Samaritan Ministry family -- as a Board Member, Partner Rep, Program Committee Chair, and Front Office Coordinator for the Northern Virginia office.

According to Susan, "My background and passion is in education & service. Samaritan Ministry is a place where I can really give back and continue to make a difference in people's lives".

Gloria Ducker: Radiating God’s Love Through Service

Gloria Ducker is a valuable lifelong volunteer. With a background in social work Gloria started volunteering Samaritan Ministry’s more than ten years. She started out volunteering to help prepare food at Samaritan Ministry’s annual Christmas party hosted by St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. This is her church which is one of 60+ SMGW Partners. St. Timothy’s Partner Representatives encouraged Gloria to help out at Samaritan Ministry. Eight years ago, after being asked to serve be a Partner Representative. Gloria served for two years as a rep for St. Timothy’s.