Samaritan Spotlight; Annette Carver

  • Annette Carver

With twenty years of experience, Annette Carver lead caseworker at the Northwest office has had eighty five success stories including individuals and families. Her path to SMGW began with a motivation for community development. Annette worked at SMGW Southeast and Northwest simultaneously. She quickly became an influential affiliate to the Next Step program, and the Empower the Homeless campaign.

Annette believes that people need to understand that SMGW participants are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. These are our neighbors who have fallen victim to homelessness in the last decade. They are facing a new type of struggle. Since 2001 Annette has seen a different category of participants come through the doors. They are homeless, yes. They are hurting in some way, yes. But those same participants are often at risk because they don’t have the skill sets necessary to maintain jobs that are becoming more technologically focused; they are much more at risk for unemployment.

If Annette could add any service to SMGW it would be transitional housing for single individuals in between the ages 18-61 without children. The 18-61 age range of participants often have trouble finding transitional housing because many of the social programs available cater to chronically homeless families.

The hardest part of Annette’s job is not being able to provide immediate resources such as; affordable housing, uniforms, work boots, and emergency services to prevent evictions.

In her free time Annette enjoys daily meditation. Her passion for history and politics has her free time consumed with historical movies and literature. If Annette could do any other line of work it would be advocacy for social justice for the most at risk populations, like those served by Samaritan Ministry.