The 2023 Change Agent Award

The Samaritan Ministry Change Agent Award is given quarterly and annually to any SMGW staff member – paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time – who gives exceptional service above and beyond their “regular duties.” Since one of our core values is “participating in one other’s transformation” this award invites staff to name individuals who stands out over the particular period because of either one specific outstanding action or a noticeable pattern of exemplary service. 

At this week’s Partner Council meeting, we honored Lead Caseworker Jane Bishop and Employment Specialist Diane Quinn with the 2023 Change Agent Award, in recognition of their “extraordinary service above and beyond required duties.” Holding the position of Lead Caseworker, Jane Bishop works directly with participants to set goals and plan out their next steps. Working with them to achieve those goals is Diane Quinn, making sure participants have sustainable employment which is integral to leading a meaningful, purpose-driven life.

Thank you Jane and Diane, for not only your commitment to Samaritan Ministry, but for your partnered commitment to each participant as an individual.