Welcoming the Poor People’s Campaign to DC! 

Our communities are suffering under the weight of systemic racism, poverty, lack of access to healthcare, rising prices, and a distorted moral narrative that tells the richest country in the world there is not enough to go around. And at the center of these interlocking injustices are 140 million people who are poor or one emergency away from losing everything. 

Interlocking crises demand an intersectional response, and on June 18 thousands will do exactly that. Poor and low-wealth people will stand shoulder to shoulder with all justice loving people to make the country hear and see their pain. Together, we will lift up a moral call to heal and transform our nation from the bottom up. 

If you are interested in participating in this movement, the Episcopal Church has invited supporters to gather for prayer and music, and a communal meal on Friday the 17th, and to march on Saturday the 18th. You can register for these events here: https://dfms.formstack.com/forms/episcopal_poor_people_campaign_june_2022