A Message from Executive Director, Rev. David B. Wolf

As I reflect on the last calendar year, I am struck by how much we accomplished, despite the ongoing pandemic. I’m reminded of a word that I used often in the early days of the pandemic to describe our participants, volunteers and staff: resilient. They continue to be the very embodiment of the word – and so do our staff, who serve them!

This Year-in-Review is just a snapshot of our shared achievements in 2021. It offers an overview of statistics and numbers, photos, and references to how we have adapted during the pandemic. But I also hope you come away with a deeper understanding of the multi-layered partnership that we share and that is ever evolving. At the heart of Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington is the concept of partnership. There is the close partnership between the participant and their caseworker as they work together on goals; there is the dedicated relationship among our donors, volunteers, and staff as they provide the daily support for the work to take place; and finally, there is our broader partnership we share with you who are the individual and institutional members of the Partner Council.

Through your ongoing engagement, you too are an active partner in this work, and we want you to know that we could not accomplish this mission nor have the kind of impact we are having in the communities of Greater Washington, if it were not for your support! So it is that, on behalf of the participants we serve, we are steadfast stewards of the resources which you entrusted to us!

In the year ahead, as we hope the pandemic recedes and restrictions are relaxed, we will continue to provide participants with the best possible guidance and support, knowing that some will continue to embrace the opportunities that they have discovered during this time, even as others will take their first tentative next steps forward to achieving goals they set before the pandemic began.

Thanks again for sharing this journey with us!

In the Samaritan Spirit,

Rev. David B. Wolf

Executive Director