Remembering A Samaritan Saint: Miss Nannie Adair

In Memory of Miss Nannie Adair  

Our beloved Volunteer, Miss Nannie Adair, fondly known as Miss Nannie, passed away on Friday, February 11 from COVID-19. She was a vibrant ninety-one years young and has been the Clothing Closet and Toiletry Volunteer at Samaritan Ministry for 11 years. She was dedicated and took pride in her work. Her dedication began with her two-bus commute from Anacostia Southeast DC to the Northwest office, even during inclement weather.   

Miss Nannie Adair (middle) with Annette Carver, former LCW NW office (right) and Treliease Williams (left)

 She lovingly took care of the Clothing Closet and the Toiletry Room. She attended a trade school for tailoring and when a donated garment had a loose button or did not have a size, she enjoyed spending time mending and measuring the garment for sizing.  During the AmeriCorps high school students’ days of service at the Northwest office, they mentioned how they enjoyed learning how to measure clothing. At any given time, you would find Miss Nannie sitting on a chair with a bucket of warm water and a cloth, cleaning toiletry bottles.   

Miss Nannie had a special impact on everyone she came in contact with. She often surprised the Northwest staff with cake for birthdays and special events. At Samaritan’s 2020 Annual Gala she was honored with the Compassionate Award. Miss Nannie was a native of Alabama and an active member for over fifty-five years at the Tenth Street Baptist Church in Washington, DC.