Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Calvert

Special Holiday Talent from a Special FOC (Front Office Coordinator)

Nancy Calvert, Parish Representative from St Alban’s Annandale, also serves as the Wednesday FOC at the Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington Arlington location.

Last November when she learned about the annual Thanksgiving distribution of seasonal food and grocery gift cards to ongoing Participants, Nancy had an idea – and the creativity to make it happen! She volunteered to design and make for all our offices a total of 150 gift cards with a cheery pumpkin on one side and the Samaritan Ministry name and logo on the other. 

Nancy (reluctantly, I add) admitted that the total project time from creative thought through purchase of materials to making to tying them on the bags took about 16 hours of her time.


Here they are tied onto the bags, ready for distribution on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2021!

But did that stop Nancy’s generous heart and creative juices when Christmas and its distribution of seasonal food, clothing and gift cards rolled around? For Christmas the red (for women) and green (for men) gift bags got this special and sparkly treatment. 

As Willie, one of many Participants remarked to the Caseworkers, “This is so cute! It’s going right on my tree!” 

Thank you to Nancy and to all our partner churches for helping SMGW bring cheer over the holidays to all. 

Nancy, we appreciate you and your artistic flare and willing spirit! 

Nancy, we appreciate you and your artistic flare and willing spirit!