Covid-19 Operations Update

Due to the current spike in Covid-19 cases in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we’ve implemented new policies to keep our staff and visitors safe. These procedures are likely to change when the number of cases declines below threshold levels, so please check back frequently.

Casework Appointments

  • Virtual appointments will continue to be used to the maximum extent possible.
  • In-person casework appointments will be time limited, depending on the outdoor temperature
  • In‐person appointments will take place outside: heaters, tables and chairs are provided at each location.
  • In-person casework appointments will not take place if the outside temperature is below 30°F.
  • Participants with scheduled in‐person appointments have priority over drop‐ins. (Drop‐ins are served in order of time of arrival)
  • All participants must provide proof of vaccination or a negative test taken in the last 48 hours. Rapid tests are available on-site.

Non-program Visitors

  • In‐person visits by non‐essential outside individuals (including, e.g., donors, friends, committee and board members, etc.) are not permitted without advance notification and approval.
  • Visits must be scheduled for non‐program days to minimize the risk of the visit to all individuals in the building at the time.
  • All visitors must provide proof of vaccination.

Guidelines for all visitors

  • All parties (SMGW staff and visitor or participant) must remain masked in a KN95 or N95 mask during the entire duration of the interaction. SMGW will provide masks for persons who do not have one.
  • Upon arrival, all parties must pass the questionnaire indicating no symptoms or known recent exposures.
  • Upon arrival, all parties will be signed in at the door and their temperature recorded.

We are currently open at 3 Locations: