Season’s Greetings

From Executive Director, Rev. David B. Wolf

In this holiday season, I share with you a message of hopefulness and blessing.

For many, this time of year embodies the spirit of human generosity. Gifts and presents are exchanged; friends, family, and colleagues get together to enjoy each other’s company, and people are often just more kind to one another. At Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, our work is a continual celebration of this spirit, so we have the unique pleasure of celebrating and sharing it all year long – through our Volunteers, Partners, Donors, Staff and, most importantly, our Participants.

It is heartening to talk with one of our Front Office Coordinators and hear how their volunteer work with us is a source of personal strength; it is rewarding to see the continuing, even enhanced, level of engagement from our Partners throughout the pandemic; and, it is fortifying to know our supporters throughout the Greater Washington community and beyond have stepped forward to support us, especially this past year.  Finally, when all these things come together, it is inspiring to watch a participant engage with a caseworker and reach a goal – each of them collaborating to make the necessary journey of next steps needed to achieve it.

And so, with all these blessings around us – and in full view of the challenges and obstacles – I say thank you.  May God richly bless you and those you care for this season and you have my best hopes for a joyous and forward-looking New Year.

In the Samaritan Spirit,