Thanksgiving Comes Early at NOVA, Northwest, and Anacostia!



Thanksgiving came early on Wednesday, November 17, for the Participants and members of the NOVA team. The bags were filled and prepared by Jane Bishop and Susan Weinbeck on Tuesday. 

Since gratitude is the root of joy, it was joyful! Looking into the bag, Willie exclaimed: “I LOVE stuffing!” When told that Nancy Calvert has made the festive pumpkin ties, Angela bustled right over to her: “This is so cute! It’s a keeper!” 

The NOVA team was so busy that in the first 30 minutes, they signed in, did the COVID screening, and handed out the gift bags and gift cards to 18 Participants. 47 bags were given out in total! 

The NW DC office Thanksgiving Giveaway was also successful: 25 bags were handed out. Participants were overjoyed to receive the goodie bag and the $50 grocery gift card. Many stated they were going to buy produce and a turkey or turkey wings. One Participant explained that his son was coming home from the Army, and this would help his sister purchase food. Sincere Gratitude was expressed by everyone. The bags were filled by Volunteer Manager Sy Jones and Volunteer Marsha Obusek.