ENN Tri-Parish Walk

On Saturday, Sept. 25, Samaritan Ministry, St. Columba’s, St. Alban’s, and Friends of the National Cathedral will gather to participate in a Samaritan Ministry ENN Community Walk!  ENN is Samaritan’s campaign to Empower our Neighbors in Need that invites Partner Churches and Schools to organize and engage to support SMGW’s mission.  At approximately 9:30, leaders from participating churches and SMGW will say a few words about why we’re walking.    The walk will launch from St. Columba’s @ 10 a.m. – and land at Washington National Cathedral, whenever we get there, but probably between 10:30 – 11 a.m. . . . we’ll walk down Wisconsin Avenue, with a police escort!  The Cathedral will host a simple reception when we arrive, when we can relax and visit for a bit, then acknowledge everyone before we head home.  

While not required, we are requesting a contribution of at least $25 – you can make your contribution electronically or by check when you register @ 9 a.m., the morning of the walk.  

“Empowerment” comes in many forms: From guiding Next Step program participants to find housing or start a career, to finding an outfit for a job interview, or receiving direct assistance as a participant pursues greater goals. SMGW’s Next Step program empowers and guides participants as they work to achieve their goals. Caseworkers coach them along, even after their goals are met. As recent STRIVE employment training graduate and Next Step participant Charles Hopkins puts it, “If you accept Next Step coaching and take the STRIVE training, you’ll get what you need to accomplish your goals.” 

A Video message from our partners: https://app.memento.com/gHzBje00q/group-video