Volunteer Spotlight: Marsha Obusek

Marsha Obusek has been a Front Office Coordinator (FOC) at the Northwest office since 2017. She warmly welcomes participants, visitors and staff and has always been willing to go above and beyond. You can usually find her at the front office desk on Tuesdays, however, she can be seen on other days when she has answered the call to come in and help as she did during the COVID 19 crisis and continues to do so.   

For example, one Wednesday morning the FOC sub for the Northwest Office contacted the Volunteer Manager that they were not feeling well and would not be in. The Volunteer Manger called Marsha at 7:30 am and asked if she could come in at 10am to avoid cancelling participant hours. Participant hours can only happen with both a FOC and caseworker present, so Marsha stepped up to save the day! Marsha explained she had plans but would rearrange her schedule to come in because she did not want the participant hours to be cancelled. SMGW’s staff and participants all appreciate Marsha’s dedication.  

Not only does Marsha play an important part in participant days at Samaritan Ministry, she’s also the Development Department’s unofficial clerical assistant helping with mailings, and other support duties. She’s helped with events such as this year’s first Northwest Office Memorial Day Fresh Food Giveaway, where she helped pack bags of fruits and veggies.