Volunteer Updates

Sy Jones

Earlier this month there was a Volunteer meeting with Chris Martin (Operations), Jeff Hale (Development), Jennifer Seager (Program) and I to give the Volunteers the opportunity to express their concerns and understand their requirements for physically returning to the offices during COVID. Ninety nine percent of the Volunteers attended the meeting.

Many Volunteers have indicated that their level of commitment to SMGW is higher now than it was pre COVID because they see the determination and dedication of Samaritan to continue to serve and provide for the Participants during this unprecedented time and because we have taken steps to further engage them. One example of this was seen in the well-attended Volunteer trainings and the in-depth discussions that followed which led to the creation of the first Samaritan Ministry Book Club.

The Volunteers are committed to providing the much-needed support when SMGW reopens.

Volunteer Needs: Immediately needed is a Pantry Coordinator for our central Pantry located at the Northwest Office. Front Office Coordinators (FOC) at the Northwest, Southeast and Arlington Offices. Resume Writer at the Southeast Office. Digital/Computer Literacy Instructors at all offices.