Samaritan Sunday at St. Thomas’

We pray for our brothers and sisters whose lives were already in turmoil before COVID-19 and now are seeking the services of Samaritan Ministry to help sustain them during this most challenging time. Holy spirit, be with them. (taken from the Prayers of the People on July 12, 2020)

Rev. David Wolf and Antoinette Green, one of the star graduates of Samaritan Ministry’s STRIVE job readiness program, joined the congregants of St. Thomas’ DC for their zoom church service on Sunday, July 12. Samaritan Ministry board chair, Dan Costello, introduced the two of them, reminding the parishioners that St. Thomas’ was one of the founding churches of Samaritan Ministry 34 years ago.

David described the rigorous compassion that underlies Samaritan Ministry’s work — which he described as support and encouragement along with challenge and accountability. He observed that most of us find support and encouragement from our own network of family and friends, which many Samaritan Ministry participants don’t have access to. 

Antoinette, who has maintained her job in the hospitality industry throughout the COVID-19 crisis, described how she regularly touches in with her staff to ensure they are all okay, just as Samaritan Ministry does with her.  “With hope and a support system, I know we can get through this.” she said.

St. Thomas’ will launch a COVID-19 Drive in August to help provide the items Samaritan Ministry participants need during these challenging times.