2020 Change Agent Awards!



At this year’s Annual Partners’ Meeting – held at partner church, Our Saviour, Silver Spring on Jan. 28 – two change agent awards were presented, one in recognition of an outstanding Samaritan volunteer leader, the other to an outstanding full-time staff member.   The first award went to retiring Board member and former Development Committee Chair John “JJ” Jaskot, the second to Development Associate Charlie Day. 

In the preamble for each award, a description is offered for change agent nominations as are the criteria.  It reads as follows:  “The Samaritan Ministry Change Agent Award is given annually to a volunteer leader or staff member, full-time or part-time, who renders extraordinary service above and beyond the daily duties and requirements of their role.  Because a core value of this organization is to “participate in one another’s transformation,” the recipient is selected by the Executive Director based on input from his or her colleagues for either one outstanding action or a pattern of exemplary service.” 

Below is first the text for JJ Jaskot’s nomination, then the text for Charlie Day’s: 

Whereas our recipient has played many leadership roles over 7 years, of either increasing in or varied responsibility as SMUG-WA has needed, bringing fresh perspective and refreshing humor to many Board or Development Committee discussions;      

Whereas his leadership of the Development Committee for 3 years brought a big picture look and a self-confessed appreciation for the nitty-gritty details of Development and its deadlines, even if the latter often eludes him, as he is quick to point out; 

Whereas he has displayed his commitment to be a “player” in that he is both present for virtually every meeting where he is expected, but also brings a larger-than-life presence whenever he shows up; 

Whereas he is quick to acknowledge other volunteers, offering a genuine “well done” to the many who particularly play a part in the SMUG-WA Gala and Next Step Breakfast;    

Whereas he is a notably enthusiastic player in all Next Step Breakfasts and Galas, contributing exciting items for the Gala such as his personally guided bicycle trip in 2019 to Harper’s Ferry, and a gig from his band, “Cooler Full of Empties” where he is on the drums;     

Whereas his own personal experience as a hockey coach and player led him to share ice-time with the Executive Director and other winners of the 2018 “Play Hockey with Jason Wolf” Gala Auction item;      

And whereas he is stepping up this year to serve for the first time as an official Partner Rep from his church, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Burke;    

And whereas we will miss him on the 2020 Board of Directors, where he has served since 2013 – his absence being especially felt at the annual Board Retreat’s late-night fellowship!     

Be it therefore resolved that a Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington 2020 Change Agent Award go to John “JJ” Jaskot!  

The text for Charlie Day’s award follows: 

Whereas this recipient has shown extraordinary steadfastness amidst the various changes and challenges in both his role and the demands of his work generally but especially in 2019;

Whereas this recipient is prone to say “yes” when asked to perform “other duties as assigned” often exceeding his specific job requirements and demonstrating his ongoing professional growth;  

Whereas this recipient expresses concerns in a professional, clear and helpful manner which is why no one recalls him ever “complaining” as challenging as his role is;  

Whereas his job requires that he work directly with the Operations Director and Executive Director in the complex and thorny areas of development, even when we have a Development Director, which we presently do not;

Whereas his work requires great attention to detail and asking critical questions that only he can ask, to which he applies himself in order to get to the bottom of any issue or question;     

Whereas he plays a critical role in providing reports and material for the Partner Council Convener and has assisted the Executive Director in staffing his public role, as well as performed the tedious work of pulling partner packets, boxes, and name tags together for Council meetings;

And whereas he is a quiet and gentle soul who is a real trooper, without whose tireless efforts SMUG-WA’s Development machinery would not function smoothly; 

Be it therefore resolved that Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington bestows upon Charlie Day a 2020 Change Agent Award!    

A hearty congratulations to both Charlie and JJ, our 2020 change agents!